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Naoko Moriyama-Robbins
Specialized Master Trainer / Owner
Naoko Moriyama-Robbins

Here, you will find unrivaled GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® training from studio owner and master trainer, Naoko Moriyama-Robbins. We provide professional, individualized training for anyone wishing to improve their body's holistic functioning. Our philosophy focuses on the core fundamentals of GYROTONIC® exercise to re-educate your body in how to move, using a controlled, either or both low and high impact system.

From professional dancers and athletes, to the absolute beginner, this peaceful studio will provide you with a safe space to achieve total body wellness.

  • November, 2020
    Happy Autumn! GYROTONIC® on Broadway would like to express their thankfulness from the bottom of their hearts for your continued support and participation with us. I can't believe that it's already November, and we are still in great health and able to provide our service here. Since we reopened the studio, we are so happy to see the clients in person and work out together, even though we only do one session at a time. We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please feel free to contact us to ask us about private sessions in person. We are very careful about monitoring sanitation, social distancing, and air circulation. GYROTONIC® on Broadway offers teacher training to minimum groups of people and can continue to offer a study environment. Don't hesitate to ask about teacher training if you are thinking of any updates or a certificate program. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! Please book your spot at Check our Newsletter.go to our NEWS LETTER


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900 Broadway, 5R,
New York, NY 10003
(Bet. 19th and 20th Street)
Phone: (212) 473-2703